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UPDATED ON 07/12/18
The information contained on this website is intended for people living in the PID 6 Communities. Information is based on public information obtained from the Fort Worth Police Department and/or its officers.  The data is believed to be accurate but it is NOT meant to be an official statistic nor representation from the police department nor the City of Fort Worth. 
Vacation Check Request Click Here  
Then click on documents, scroll to Vacation Watch Request link
Vacation Check Requests are limited to those residents that live within the PID 6 boundaries and are subject to the existing restrictions, exclusions and limitations.  No guarentee of service is expressed or implied. See Form for details.
* Subject to PID6 CA discretion, internet connections, network availability or other issues beyond the control of the PID 6 PSC.  Reporting practices and privacy issues may limit information that is provided.  Residents should be aware that the police officers working for the PID 6 Communities may have more information than can be made available on this site.  Only public information will be used and only reports that are received by the deadline will be considered for this site.
Serving the PID 6 Communities:
Basswood Park        Parkway Hill        Park Bend        Parkwood Estates
Park Glen                 Summberbrook   Park Place       Villages of Parkwood Hill  

The Fort Worth police officers working for the PID 6 Communities are supervised by Retired Fort Worth Police Lieutenant JD Grady who will act as a "Community Ambassador"  (PID6 CA) and will continue to serve the PID6 Communities as a point of contact between the officers who work for PID6 and the residents.  Retired Lieutenant Grady had over 30 years experience on the Fort Worth Police Department and over 20 years working the PID 6 neighborhoods.   Retired Lieutenant Grady will coordinate the off-duty FWPD officers activities, but only uniformed FWPD officers will be actively patrolling the PID 6 neighorhoods.  

All e-mails and contacts via this website go directly to him and are not monitored or seen by any other person.

Crime, Suspicious or Criminal Activity & other Emergencies can ONLY be reported by calling 9-1-1.

The Fort Worth Police Department's Non-Emergency Number is (817)-392-4222.  This number can be used to report non-emergency situations.

No crime, suspicious or criminal activity of any nature can be reported on this website.  Residents must contact the police department by calling one of the above numbers.

Please feel free to use the "Contact PID6 CA" tab above to report activity that you have called in and/or to request extra patrol due to that reported activity.  
Crime alerts are posted as soon as possible after they are received and will remain as long as they are relevant.  

Crime that involves thefts, burglaries and other items relating to public safety concerns is listed for the current and previous month and is updated weekly.*

Click on the above "Crime & Alerts" tab to view.
 Information about this site updated on 08/01/2017