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UPDATED ON 08/17/2021
The Fort Worth Police Department has returned to providing Part-One Crime information.  
  While the information is believed to be accurate please remember that the information is based on a report of criminal activity and has NOT be investigated.    The information provided is a "snapshot"  provided at the time the report is generated and it is possible that some reported incidents may be in a pending         status and may not appear in this report. This synopsis is based on information received from the Fort Worth Police Department but is NOT in anyway               connected with the Fort Worth Police Department and in not way an official statement or representative of the Fort Worth Police Department.                           The information is provided as a courtesy ONLY and there is no implied or express guarantee to any accuracy or validity.   information taken from the               report provided and posted on this site is up to the discretion of the Safety and Security Liaison for PID6.  Some crimes reports, such as sexual assaults,       where the suspected person is known or where any information may harm or embarrass a victim will not be listed.  
The non-emergency number to the Fort Worth Police Department is 817-392-4222 

Please dial 9-1-1 anytime you see a crime in progress or what looks like a crime in progress.  If you see suspicious activity please dial 9-1-1.  What is "suspicious" - perhaps the simplest way to 
explain it is the action you see seem so out of place that you take notice and you believe what you are seeing could reasonable be linked to some type illegal activity.  This would include someone that seems to be just scoping out the area, especially if you don't recognize the person and you see them more than once in the same area just hanging around.    

Part One Crime Information For:

​                                                                                                                            Believed Time 
            Date           Offense*          Location  of occurrence**       of Occurrence         Police Report Number
                                                     August 2021
      08/07/21        Theft                        Gila Bend                                            8/7/20 to 8/8/21            21-0062970 (Catalytic converter)

                                                    July 2021
            07/07/21        Theft - auto parts    Park Down Dr                                    7/7/21 to 7/9/21                21-0316133
            07/11/21        Auto Theft                Salmon Run Way                              7/11/21 to 7/12/21            21-0054354
            07/11/21        BMV                          Teal Dr                                                7/11/21 to 7/12/21            21-0054359            

  *BMV = Burglary of Motor Vehicle 
     MV  = Motor Vehicle 

PART-ONE crimes being the more "serious" crimes such as theft, burglary, homicide, aggravated assaults and sexual assaults. 
** The location of occurrence is the block it occurred in and not the specific address, unless a business location.