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UPDATED ON 10/16/17
The Information below is obtained from Public Information Sources, but is NOT an official source of data.  Please keep in mind that the information below has been reported but not verified as to the accuracy. 

October 2017

   Date        Report #        Type of           Location
Reported     17-                 Offense*        Street Name**        Public Information relating to this report                                                                                 
10/03/17      094347          Burglary         Park Vista Blvd       Church outdoor storage building - lawn and camping equipment stolen 
10/11/17      305036           BMV              Fern Lake Ct           Vehicle left unlocked, rummaged but nothing taken

September 2017

  Date          Report #        Type of        Location
Reported    17-                  Offense*      Street Name**           Public Information relating to this report                                                                                 
09/04/17     083896           Theft            Salmon Run Way      Victim met suspect day before, brought her home and 2 guns, video games, cash stolen
09/10/17     304425           BMV            Gila Bend Lane          Unlocked vehicle. Items stolen found nearby and recovered
09/12/17     086122           Theft            Rincon Way               Front license plate, witness saw unknown Hispanic Male in red sedan take it
09/15/17     087993           Theft            Margarita                   Lawn Mower Stolen out of backyard of a vacant home
09/25/17     090858           Burglary       Big Bend                   Front door kicked in, TV and gaming system stolen
09/26/17     091365           BMV            Parkmount                 No force. Laptop and speaker taken
09/26/17     091892           Theft           Deerlodge                  Power tools taken - suspected by a subcontractor for work being done.
09/30/17     see Info          BMV            See info                      4 vehicles broken into Parkmount Dr, Parkmount Ct and Angelina Way Wallets, ID taken          

Recent Crime Reported in the PID 6 Communities


Please do NOT leave a firearm in your vehicle overnight.  It seems that about one gun a month is stolen out of a vehicle in or AROUND the PID6 neighborhoods.  Some of these vehicles have even been unlocked.  Even if you lock your vehicle, it not a good idea to leave a firearm in your vehicle.      

   * Types of Report made:
    BMV = Burglary Motor Vehicle     Burg = theft from a garage or home     BurgBld = Burglary of building Auto = Auto Theft     Theft = Item stolen     Robbery = Theft involving a weapon or force.

   ** Specific Address are not provided to protect the identity of the victim. 

Crime Stats are usually posted by Tuesday of each week prior to 9 PM (Except when effected by City Holiday) 

Please dial 9-1-1 anytime you see a crime in progress or what looks like a crime in progress.  If you see suspicious activity please dial 9-1-1.  What is "suspicious" - perhaps the simplest way to 
explain it is the action you see seem so out of place that you take notice and you believe what you are seeing could reasonable be linked to some type illegal activity.  This would include someone that seems to be just scoping out the area, especially if you don't recognize the person and you see them more than once in the same area just hanging around.