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Safety and Security Liaison for PID6: 817-994-3834     
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UPDATED ON 10/29/2023
The non-emergency number to the Fort Worth Police Department is 817-392-4222 
Please dial 9-1-1 anytime you see a crime in progress or what looks like a crime in progress.  If you see suspicious activity please dial 9-1-1.  What is "suspicious" - perhaps the simplest way to 
explain it is the action you see seem so out of place that you take notice and you believe what you are seeing could reasonable be linked to some type illegal activity.  This would include someone that seems to be just scoping out the area, especially if you don't recognize the person and you see them more than once in the same area just hanging around.    

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​There has been changes in the way that the Fort Worth Police Department distributes crime information and therefore limits the ability to report that information on this site.

However, residents can follow PID 6 on Facebook for important Safety Information regarding PID 6. 

Residents of PID 6 can still contact the Safety and Security Liaison at the above email and phone number.  

The Fort Worth Police Department recommends using to find out about crime in their neighborhood or areas of concerns.