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UPDATED ON 08/15/17
The Information below is obtained from Public Information Sources, but is NOT an official source of data.  Please keep in mind that the information below has been reported but not verified as to the accuracy. 

August 2017

  Date        Report #         Type of        Location    
Reported   17-                  Offense*     Street Name**        Public Information relating to this report                                                                                
08/05/17    072790          Auto Theft    Park Bend Dr         Stolen with key left in vehicle
08/06/17    072865          Burglary       Mount Shasta        Resident gone 45 minutes came home and jewelry, safe, meds and other items stolen

July 2017

  Date          Report #    Type of        Location
Reported    17 -            Offense*    Street Name**            Public Information Relating to this report                                                
07/06/17    062594        Theft        Arcadia Park                In the Park - kids playing basketball and known person took bike
0711/17     065115        Burglary   Arcadia Trail                Forced entry thru back door.
07/18/17    067136       Burglary    Glen Canyon Rd         Park Glen Elem School, those who broke in have been identified.
07/24/17    303584       Theft         Grand Mesa                Fed-Ex package stolen off front porch
07/26/17    069483        Theft        N Cascades                Tools stolen out of backyard 

Recent Crime Reported in the PID 6 Communities


The kids have started back to school, so please be careful and watchful as the kids don't always look before running out into the street.  Remember speed limits is the maximum speed you should drive but certain conditions (such as children out walking or playing, rain or darkness) require you to slow down.      

   * Types of Report made:
    BMV = Burglary Motor Vehicle     Burg = theft from a garage or home     BurgBld = Burglary of building Auto = Auto Theft     Theft = Item stolen     Robbery = Theft involving a weapon or force.

   ** Specific Address are not provided to protect the identity of the victim. 

Crime Stats are usually posted by Tuesday of each week prior to 9 PM (Except when effected by City Holiday) 

Please dial 9-1-1 anytime you see a crime in progress or what looks like a crime in progress.  If you see suspicious activity please dial 9-1-1.  What is "suspicious" - perhaps the simplest way to explain it is the action you see seem so out of place that you take notice and you believe what you are seeing could reasonable be linked to some type illegal activity.  This would include someone that seems to be just scoping out the area, especially if you don't recognize the person and you see them more than once in the same area just hanging around.